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Winter Glen

One of the most thorough going of my Impressionist experiment displays the snow-laden boughs that are defined by patterns of light and shade; their shadows dance on the brilliantly lit path. Almost every one of my recent paintings owes something to the achievements of Monet and Renoir in conveying the effects of light as it filters through trees and masses of flowers. Winter Glen remains one of my favorites as it is one of the most through going and successful of my Impressionistic experiments. In the country, winter is the season of simplicity. The trees stand unadorned, the undergrowth withered, the grass brown and sere. When a fresh snow blankets the fields, the profound silence charms not only the ear, but the eye as well.

When I was a young painter, I experimented widely. One of the subjects that intrigued and challenged me was the stark simplicity of a winter-scape. I often took my paints and easel out into the wintery countryside in search of a scene where shades of white shaped a perfectly satisfying world. I was struck by the way the golden glow of late afternoon in the sky subtly transmuted into rosy shadows on the pristine snow. I’m pleased even now by the play of light and shadows on the rustic country fence. And the roadway, at once inviting and mysterious, beckons the winter traveler in me to explore its distances.

Winter Glen portrays one of my most successful early forays into the snowy countryside. The effect of snow on the delicate branches is a Heavenly delight. I think the style suits this subject; I’m delighted that I was a student of the French masters when the snow happened to fall. I offer it in my Archival Collection now, because it represents a powerful interest of the young artist, and because I still find it a very satisfying painting.

  • Winter Glen marks the eleventh piece to be released in this popular Archive Collection.
  • Always a challenge to him, Thom has often gone out in search of beautiful winterscapes – he found and captured one of his best with Winter Glen.
  • Whether it is the hustle-bustle of the holidays or the peacefulness of a quiet evening, winter is a favorite time of year for Thom.
  • The Archive Collection consists of some of Thom’s favorite pieces fro his early career. Winter Glen is one winterscape that is, to him, very satisfying.
Title Winter Glen
Painted 1989
Published October 1999
Collection Archive Collection

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24" x 36"

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