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Winsor Manor

Little girls grow up to be beautiful young women. I’m beginning to see that in my own family, and that’s why Winsor Manor – the painting I’ve created to honor the birth of my third daughter – isn’t the charming little dollhouse cottage I painted for Merritt and Chandler. This is the romantic manor house Winsor may one day share with her Prince Charming.

Winsor Manor is ablaze with welcoming lights; I want family, friends, and collectors to feel comfortable here. On behalf of my new daughter, I invite you in for a cup of tea. And, if you’d like, you may take your tea and cake out into the fragrant shelter of Lilac Gazebo, the lovely garden structure I plan as the third painting in the Winsor Manor trio.

As we enter the grounds, the great house looms before us, its sweeping gables form a dramatic “W” – a tribute to Winsor of course! I’ve hidden many W’s and N’s about the house and grounds in honor of Winsor and her mother, my wife, Nanette. For those of you who like a challenge, the small numbers beside my signature totals the number of N’s (4) and W’s (26) hidden throughout the painting and, coincidentally, is the birthdate of Winsor: April 26th. Happy hunting from both Winsor and me!

  • In honor of his wife Nanette and their baby girl Winsor, Thomas Kinkade has hidden four N’s and twenty-six W’s in Winsor Manor. Coincidentally, the number of N’s and W’s placed beside Thom’s signature is the birthdate of Winsor: April 26th.
  • Winsor Manor is the second painting in Thom’s Winsor Manor Collection in loving tribute to his daughter Winsor.
  • Winsor Manor is a grand stone structure with impressive architectural features such as sweeping gables forming a dramatic “W,” the Catherine wheel window above the arched doorway, and the distinctly crafted bay window casting a radiant glow over the pathway.
  • The striking French blue color accenting the gables, doorway, and lamppost of the manor coupled with the blooming flowers in lilac, rose, apricot and crimson make Winsor Manor a brilliantly colorful painting that will fit perfectly in any home.
  • With an image size of 24″ x 30″ Winsor Manor is the perfect centerpiece for any large room and can be beautifully completed with the first painting in the Winsor Manor Collection Rose Gate, and the soon-to-be-released final painting in the series, Lilac Gazebo.
Title Winsor Manor
Published February 1996
Collection Winsor Manor Collection II

Image Size

24" x 30"

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