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Weathervane Hutch

Behind this overgrown garden walls of the studio I used while visiting the Cotswold region of England, was the hidden pathway leading to Weathervane Hutch. I discovered it by accident one day when searching for a shortcut to the village square. From the moment I saw its flower-draped façade, I knew I would paint it in some day.

My favorite detail in this tiny cottage – or hutch – is the weathervane which depicts a plowman at work behind a draft horse. Through in my Weathervane Hutch painting this detail is only a fraction of an inch in size, the weathervane is the cornerstone of the small cottage and I couldn’t resist including it in the title.

  • Thomas Kinkade discovered this cottage by accident while visiting the Cotswolds region in England. He was taking a shortcut back to the village square when he happened upon it. The first time he saw it, Thom knew that he would paint in one day. The elderly lady who lives there gave Thom a brief history of the cottage and then permission to paint her home.
  • Thom loved the weathervane that was on top of the cottage, hence the hutch’s name, as “hutch” is an English word for “cottage.”
  • Weathervane Hutch depicts a farmer and horse and was mostly painted outdoors.
Title Weathervane Hutch
Published August 1992
Subject Location Cotswold, England

Image Size

9" x 12"

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