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Wailea Chapel

The impulse of faith and a love of beauty seem to go together. That is how I explain the fact that often in my travels, I’ve paused before a vista of breathtaking loveliness, only to find that a quaint little chapel stands near the spot. It is as if the faithful are gently reminding us that this too, belongs to God.

When our family visited the tropical paradise of Maui, I knew nothing of Wailea Chapel. But my experience led me to expect that such an exquisite natural setting as this must have in it somewhere a perfect little gem of faith. I found Wailea Chapel – a charming little whitewashed church with a proud steeple – not more than a block from the blue Pacific, nestled under a stand of palm trees and enveloped in lush tropical flowers. I had to paint it.

My kids pretty well know the drill – while I went off to gather my paints and easel, the girls got into their bathing suits and Nanette took them down to the lovely sand beach at Wailea. I’m afraid that I provided the tourists with what some considered a quaint spectacle – an artist painting a humble chapel in the midst of spectacular natural scenery. I am so very pleased with Wailea Chapel, a touching testimony to the harmony between nature and faith.

  • Wailea Chapel is a brand new release in Thomas Kinkade’s Plein Air Collection, and the first in the Tropical Series.
  • Wailea Chapel exemplifies the touching testimony to the harmony between nature and faith.
  • Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace.
  • A chapel in nature is a return to Eden where faith and a love of beauty go hand-in-hand from the start.
  • If each painting is a journey, then Wailea Chapel is proof that you are never far from home in nature.
Title Wailea Chapel
Published September 2003
Subject Location Wailea Chapel in Maui, Hawai'i
Collection Tropical Series I
Classification Plein Air Collection

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18" x 24"
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