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Twilight Cottage

Painters aren’t philosophers. We deal with the appearance of things, with the challenge of capturing a fleeting moment on canvas. We wrestle with the truth that underlies appearance, with the challenge posed by the eternal.

Yet there are times, I believe, when the line between painter and philosopher blurs. My Twilight Cottage suggests such a time. Its subject – twilight – is that breathless interlude between day and night when the light is so clear that is seems we can glimpse the truth beneath the veil of appearance.

The subject of Twilight Cottage is more than a charming little cottage nestled by a stream. It is nothing less than the joyful melody of cricket song and cascading water, the romance of sunset enhanced by a silvery sliver of waning moon, in short, the peace that surpasses understanding.

A philosopher has said that our stay on Earth is kind of twilight – a brief interlude of waking dream between our embrace of eternities. The painter of Twilight Cottage humbly presents this painting in affirmation of that wise understanding.

  • In his continued loving tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden four N’s in Twilight Cottage.
  • Twilight Cottage is the second painting released in Thom’s charming Cottages of Light Collection – the first painting was Candlelight Cottage.
  • Set along a rambling stream, this cozy stone cottage glows with the warmth of an early evening fire. The subtle tones of the florals and soft misty colors shine in the moonlight of Twilight Cottage. If you listen closely, you can almost hear crickets chirp their evening song and the soft call of an owl nestled in the trees.
  • Note Thom’s use of the pink and white dogwoods to symbolize passion and purity, respectfully. Twilight Cottage is special because it is one of the few times that Thom has ever painted this beautiful time of day.
  • The crescent moon and twinkling stars give Twilight Cottage a feeling of romance and with the highly sought after image size of 16″ x 20,” this romantic cottage setting is sure to sell out quickly!
Title Twilight Cottage
Published June 1997
Collection Cottages of Light II

Image Size

16" x 20"

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