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Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel

I love Carmel. The town looks like it was invented by artists which, in a sense, it was. Galleries are everywhere; the houses are incredibly picturesque, and when I set up my easel on one side of the boulevards, I’m doing just what so many painters do everyday.

The Kinkade family is as fond of Carmel as I am; my girls were with me on the sunny afternoon when I painted Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel. It’s a thoroughly charming little spot – with scones and tea cakes that just melt in your mouth. On this particular day, Chandler – I believe it was – said to me, “Daddy, is that the original gingerbread house? You know, the one Hansel and Gretel tried to eat?”

Suddenly, I found myself looking at the tea room through her innocent eyes. I could see the quaint little cottage with its red-and-white peppermint striped awning, cheery flower boxes, quirky windows, inviting door, and looked to me as it must have looked to her…good enough to eat.

I suddenly knew that I had to paint Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel on the spot just as I was seeing it that day. I got my paint and canvas – which are never far away – an in just a few hours I had this study which preserves, I think, the innocence and freshness of a child’s eye view.

  • This never before released plein air work was the original inspiration for Thomas Kinkade’s studio work Carmel, Dolores Street and The Tuck Box Tea Room.
  • Tuck Box Rea Room, Carmel has a special significance to Thom. Not only is Carmel one of the Kinkade family’s favorite places to visit, but he was inspired to paint it as seen through the eyes of his daughter Chandler, who saw it as the one Hansel and Gretel tried to eat.
  • For Thom, there are some important things about light-filled living that children know but most adults have forgotten. Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel preserves the innocence and freshness of a child’s eye view.
  • The Tuck Box Tea Room in Carmel is famous for its delicious English scones.
Title Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel
Published September 2003
Subject Location Tuck Box in Carmel, California
Collection West Coast Series I
Classification Plein Air Collection

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