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The Wind of the Spirit

“The wind blows whatever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” ~ John 3:8

The wind too has its work to do. The windmill harnesses the freedom of the wind – a biblical symbol for the unfettered spirit – to the ponderous purpose of the millstone. The result is wheat and ground corn, hot bread on the table.

The result is also human habitation. Windmills built on a windy promontory or along such an artery of commerce as a river or stream, became centers of settlement. The Wind of the Spirit is my first painting celebrating a windmill, that shows just such a community of solid stone cottages clustered around the mill. It is dusk, and a welcoming golden light pours out of the mill and church and cottage windows. A kindred light bathes the clouds.

Fleecy clouds and delicate “V’s” of geese trace the comings and goings of the wind. But only the blades of this mill harness the power of the wind to the service of man. We may not live by bread alone, but when wind grinds flour, we are nourished body and soul.

  • The Wind of the Spirit, in Thomas Kinkade’s ongoing tribute to his wife Nanette, has hidden four N’s within the painting’s scenery.
  • The Wind of the Spirit is the first painting in Thom’s brand new Windmill Collection – his first series to feature the beauty of windmills.
  • The miller was known as a very important person in the community, who worked hard to provide bread to his friends and neighbors. From the look of the well-traveled road to and from this windmill, that is definitely the case with the miller in The Wind of the Spirit.
  • Communities often clustered around windmills. This small town in The Wind of the Spirit, with glowing windows and nearby church, seems to be a close-knit one bringing thoughts of a kinder, simpler way of life.
  • The Wind of the Spirit is available in three sizes, each perfect to start or continue your Thomas Kinkade collection. With the warm color scheme and calming sunset, this image will bring warmth and joy to your home.
Title The Wind of the Spirit
Published August 1998
Collection Windmill Collection I

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