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The Rose Garden

“My love is like a red, red rose” ~ Robert Burns

For poets and painters, roses are the flowers of love. In my case, my wife deserves some credit for the connection – Nanette has always been tremendously fond of roses. I can’t count the times when a dozen long-stemmed blooms have heightened the romance of a lovely evening. As a playful gesture of love I’ve dedicated this lavish rose garden to Nanette and our four beautiful daughters – the five most precious “blossoms” in my garden. In fact, I’ve hidden my wife’s initials five times along the satin petals of this extravagent retreat. If you can find them all, you will have dallied among the flowers with your eyes open wide to the beauty all around.

My inspiration for The Rose Garden came, as these things so often do, on one of my rambles. I discovered this picturesque gate with fablous red and yellow roses pouring over the wall in a cascade of color. A soft morning mist touched the subtle reds and yellows with fire. To convey the satin sheen of blossoms I used a rare pigment actually made – so I’ve been told – from ground rose petals. I used elaborate glazes to try to heighten the luminescent hues; I hope the result justifies the effort and expense!

The Rose Collection will conclude with two companion paintings – detailed studies of individual red and yellow roses to flank this Eden-like setting.This is only fitting: after finishing The Rose Garden I suppose I still had a desire to try painting a few more perfect roses.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in The Rose Garden in honor of his lovely wife Nanette.
  • The Rose Garden is the first painting in the beautiful new series The Rose Collection. Thom has already planned to conclude this series with two companion paintings, making a delightful rose triptych.
  • Thom has dedicated this floral painting to Nanette because of her love for roses. He has painted several different colors of climbing roses, making this garden one that Nanette could truly appreciate and love.
  • The wall surrounding the colorful garden in The Rose Garden is unique in that it contains both stonework and brickwork, bringing a variety of textures and masonry to the canvas.
Title The Rose Garden
Published July 2000
Collection The Rose Collection I

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