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The Prince of Peace

“…How precious did that Grace appear

The hour I first believed…” ~ Amazing Grace

No portrait means so much to the faithful as the likeness of Jesus. Images of Christ adorn countless churches and inspire us with a sense of His wisdom and spirituality. His divine sensitivity to our human aspirations and challenges.

How true this was for me in 1980 when, as an art student, I came to have a personal relationship with Christ. Just a few weeks later, awash in my newfound faith, I found myself sitting in an art class with my mind wandering. As I went through the motions, my eyes on the disinterested model posing for the class, I was suddenly struck with a powerful vision.

The vision that was laid on my heart that day is the painting you see before you, The Prince of Peace. It flowed from Him through my heart and hand onto the canvas very quickly. It was the first clear coming together of my art and my faith, a coming together that is visible, perhaps more subtly but just as profoundly, in each of my paintings.

To this day the painting inspires me as a vision from God. The strength of emotion I felt that day returns each and every time I see this painting. I am so thrilled that we are able to present this inspiring image to you during the Easter season. Perhaps in each of you who view it, this painting will sing of that most precious grace, our gift from The Prince of Peace Himself.

  • This special painting is a rare, archival release that Thomas Kinkade painted in 1980. The Prince of Peace, Portrait of Christ was one of Thom’s first paintings and is the only one thus far to feature a single human subject.
  • This painting has always had a special place in Thom’s mother’s heart, and it has been hanging in her home since its completion.
  • Thom painted this powerful painting very early in his career as a tribute to his faith. The short, broad brush strokes of The Prince of Peace, Portrait of Christ exhibit a painterly style similar to Thom’s Plein Air Collection.
Title The Prince of Peace, Portrait of Christ
Painted 1980
Published March 1999
Collection Archive Collection

Image Size

18" x 14"

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