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The Mountain Chapel

“The groves were God’s first temples” ~ William Cullen Bryant

Who has not, at the sight of some glorious vista, echoed the poet’s profound sentiment? Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace.

In the crowded and busy world most of us must live in, there is little enough time to seek out the secluded treasures that give testimony to a divine presence in the world. I have been privileged to visit what I believe to be holy places; my new¬†Chapels of Nature Collection¬†are, in effect, prayers in paint – very personal responses to the glories of God’s natural world.

The Mountain Chapel, the first in this series, is a rough-hewn stone chapel sculpted out of the very granite of the mountains in the rise behind. As the mirror-bright lake reflects the majesty of God’s glorious creation, the chapel – bathed in golden sunlight – reflects the generosity of His plan for man. As my new Chapels of Nature Series unfolds, we will seek the presence of God in His lakes, forests, hills, and valleys. It is my prayer that we will find Him together.

  • In The Mountain Chapel, Thomas Kinkade has paid a loving tribute to his wife Nanette, by hiding seven N’s in the painting.
  • The simple dignity of The Mountain Chapel is inspired by the architecture of chapels Thom visited on a trip through the Rocky Mountain region of the United States and Canada.
  • The first in the series, The Mountain Chapel captures a combination that Thom finds truly inspiring – a simple place of worship and a majestic natural setting. Man and mature together, giving testimony to the beauty of God’s creation.
  • Gazing upon the majestic setting, one can feel the inspiration that might have moved people to pick this particular spot on which to build this chapel.
  • Thom has painted this painting in a vertical orientation to capture the grandeur of the chapel steeple and the mountainous landscape. Available in three sizes, The Mountain Chapel is sure to find just the right spot in your home.
Title The Mountain Chapel
Published May 1998
Subject Location Rocky Mountain Range
Collection Chapels of Nature I

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