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The Guiding Light

Some believe that artists are touched by a spark of divine fire. I have always felt that true inspiration is a gift from our Creator, and have often heard stories from collectors who have found renewed strength, hope, or comfort from something I have created. In that sense perhaps all artists, whether musician, painter, or poet can at times be a vessel of God’s profound mercy and love. If this is true, then inspiration can be thought of as both spiritual and deeply human.

The Guiding Light – first in my Lights of Inspiration Series – speaks to the dual nature of inspiration. This brilliant sunset penetrates the swirling storms that sometimes afflict our soul, reminding us that the deep emotions of hope and faith are a truer reflection of our spiritual nature than any doubt or turmoil can be. This radiant light works in concert with the towering clouds to create a sunset that is among the most luminous and dramatic I have ever attempted to capture on canvas.

The Guiding Light introduces a compositional format that is new for me. The long, narrow canvas is perfect for those settings in the home that call for a panoramic vision. As I worked, I envisioned this handsome painting over a comfortable sofa or above a rustic fireplace, or in some other special setting. Surely, this dramatic panorama might carry the viewer’s imagination to sweeping distant vistas.

The low horizon line also allows me to accentuate the drama of the sunset above. Certainly the one word I would use to summarize my newest work would be: inspiration!

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden fourteen N’s in The Guiding Light as an ongoing tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • The Guiding Light is first in Thom’s newest series, Lights of Inspiration.
  • For the first time ever, Thom has chosen to paint in a 1:2 aspect ratio – creating a wonderful vista with The Guiding Light that creates a grand a very dramatic panoramic vision in the home.
  • The brilliant sunset in The Guiding Light piercing the darkening clouds represents how the light of inspiration can often pierce a soul filled with doubt and despair.
  • This painting is unique in several ways, not only in size and shape, but in the subject matter. The sunset depicted in The Guiding Light is the most dramatic and luminous of all that are found in Thom’s paintings.
Title The Guiding Light
Published March 2005
Collection Lights of Inspiration I

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