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The Forest Chapel

“I try to walk a new pathway to its end” ~ Journal of Thomas Kinkade

What’s around the next bend? What lies at the end of the trail? When I walk an unfamiliar path, curiosity drives me on. The Forest Chapel portrays a daydream I’ve had many times: often while hiking some wooded trail I’ve come upon a spectacular flowering meadow and thought what a wonderful place to worship God. The idea of a chapel in an unspoiled natural setting has intrigued me for years.

In The Forest Chapel I have tried to capture a harmony between what’s within and what’s without. Light glows from the chapel windows, suggesting the warm spirit of the fellowship within while shafts of morning light filer golden through the trees, dappling the forest with a divine light. The sweet melody of psalm singing rises up, to be joined by the gentle murmur of the brook that flows past the house of worship. A Holy Spirit dwells in the chapel and in the glade that houses it. Both proclaim the presence of God.

  • In The Forest Chapel, Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in loving tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Thom often seeks out peaceful, secluded spots to worship God. The Forest Chapel portrays an ideal spot of worship – one that is quiet, secluded, and set among the beauty of God’s creation.
  • The Forest Chapel marks Thom’s first painting to feature the beauty of glowing stained glass windows in a chapel.
  • The unspoiled setting of a chapel tucked away amidst the trees harmoniously brings together two of the most important influences in Thom’s life and art – the beauty of nature and the Lord.
  • The Forest Chapel is the second painting in Thom’s beautiful Chapels of Nature Collection, the first painting being The Mountain Chapel.
Title The Forest Chapel
Published August 1999
Collection Chapels of Nature II

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