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The Aspen Chapel

The poet reminds us that “only God can make a tree.” On a recent hiking excursion to Hope Valley in the Sierra Mountains, I was struck once again by the glory of aspen trees, which bear such graceful witness to His great love. During autumn in the mountains, stands of aspen shimmer in the breeze like liquid gold. I say “liquid” because the delicate leaves rustle and flicker as they dance with the wind just as water does.

A wise minister of my acquaintance coined the word “gracelets” for the small blessings God bestows upon us. When I enjoy the golden dance of the aspen leaves, I know just what he meant. A grove of aspens high in the mountains would be an idyllic place for worship. I have imagined just such a church in The Aspen Chapel. Built of weathered stone and white washed planks, it has offered sanctuary for many seasons.

Ancient stone fences, made from rocks that line the streambed, keep the grazing cattle safe. Bunnies and chipmunks play among the sheltering trees, reminding us that The Aspen Chapel presides over a peaceful kingdom hidden away amongst the golden forests. I offer you the fond hope that in the enjoyment of The Aspen Chapel, we can share in the joy of one of God’s myriad “gracelets.”

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in The Aspen Chapel as an ongoing tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • The inspiration for The Aspen Chapel came from a hiking excursion to Hope¬†Valley in the Sierra Mountains where Thom was struck by the glory of the aspen trees.
  • Both the melodic stream and the well-worn path lead the viewer’s eye to the stately chapel. Balancing the pastoral scene, Thom has created a delicate visual contrast of the church’s natural and iridescent light with a vignette of aspen trees and streaming water.
  • Capturing the natural contrast of sunlight and shadows, Thom creates miniature spotlights focusing on the finer details of this pastoral scene.
Title The Aspen Chapel
Published August 2001
Subject Location Hope Valley, Sierra Mountains

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