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Sweetheart Gazebo

“My one and noble heart has witnesses in all love’s countries…” ~Dylan Thomas

Nanette and I have passed some pleasant hours in “love’s countries;” and my newest painting Sweetheart Gazebo, bears eloquent witness to the joy we’ve found there. For us, a gazebo is a modest palace of love. At once intimate and expansive, private and open, the architecture of this most romantic shelter presents an image of the dual nature of love.

Like the gazebo love is private, comfortable, and comforting, the intimate space created by small and tender gestures of affection.¬†At the same time, love embraces the world and opens to its beauties while it receives God’s manifest gifts with gratitude. How splendid the world looks through the eyes of love, and how very much like the lavish flower garden that charms us in Sweetheart Gazebo.

The image of romance would not be complete without a reminder of God’s grace, which is the foundation on which all human love rests. The stream brings the gift of pure water to the garden, just as divine love nourishes the loving heart. Sweetheart Gazebo would be an idyllic place for lovers to renew their vows, as Nanette and I did on our twentieth anniversary.

  • In Sweetheart Gazebo, Thomas Kinkade has hidden a total of five N’s as an ongoing tribute to his wife of twenty years – Nanette.
  • Dylan Thomas once wrote “my one and noble heart has witnesses in all of love’s countries.” Sweetheart¬†Gazebo, as the second in Thom’s Sweetheart Garden Series, continues with painting places where love abounds.
  • Sweetheart Gazebo has a special significance to Thom and his wife Nanette, as it is inspired by the very vista in Maui, Hawaii where they renewed their wedding vows on their twentieth anniversary.
  • For Thom, gazebos represent a modest palace of love – at once intimate and expansive, private and open. The garden further depicts his metaphor of love as for him, a person in love sees the world as a delightful garden such as this one.
  • To complete his vision of love, Thom included a mountain stream as a symbol of God’s grace which for him is the foundation of all human love.
Title Sweetheart Gazebo
Published January 2003
Subject Location Maui, Hawai'i
Collection Sweetheart Gardens II

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