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Sweetheart Cottage

To paraphrase Jerome, “Love is a pure light that ignites cozy fire of affection,” and if ever a cozy fire of affection burned brightly, it is within the weathered stone walls of Sweetheart Cottage.

Perhaps my sentimental Irish nature is shining through, but I happen to be enchanted with the idea of a romantic hideaway hidden amidst blossoming flowers. Sweetheart Cottage is my first attempt to put on canvas this dreamy notion, and it comes at a time especially meaningful to me – in 1992 my wife Nanette and I will celebrate our tenth year of marriage. Actually, this painting is sort of a dual tribute to my tenth wedding anniversary, and as a salute to the most romantic occasion of the year: Valentine’s Day.

In fact, I intended to make Sweetheart Cottage and annual series which will debut around Valentine’s Day each year, since I have many more “romantic hideaways” stored in my imagination! Many times each year my wife and I take what we term “romantic getaways.” This series is a tribute to this tradition since each painting in it will depict a place I would enjoy visiting with my sweetheart/wife Nanette.

For those who enjoy the hidden details that almost always appear in my paintings, this painting is a treasure trove! As a tribute to my wedding anniversary, the outdoor clock bears the time “5:02” (my anniversary is May 5th), and the tiny picture seen in the window to the left of the door is a wedding portrait of Nanette and myself. The address placard says “214” and this, along with the plentiful hearts, are references to Valentine’s Day. And, of course, what would a Kinkade painting be without hidden N’s as a memento for Nanette. Sweetheart Cottage has seven of them so keep your magnifying glasses handy.

  • Sweetheart Cottage had a dual tribute for Nanette – Thomas Kinkade’s wife. It was both painted for their tenth wedding anniversary and as a Valentine’s Day gift for his lovely wife.
  • Note that the clock is set on 5:02 (anniversary date of Thom’s and Nanette’s), and that the picture in the window is their wedding photograph.
  • The overall Valentine’s Day theme in Sweetheart Cottage is displayed on the address of the cottage (214) and the heart-shaped objects found in the image – doors, windows, gates, shutters, lights, roofs, and more.
Title Sweetheart Cottage I, Thomashire Village
Published January 1992
Collection Sweetheart Cottage I

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16" x 20"

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