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Sunset on Lamplight Lane

My art keeps me young. The joy of creation is invigorating; I approach each new canvas with the same enthusiasm, the same expectancy, the same curiosity that I brought at the start of my career.

The reality of time’s passage has been clarified for me with Sunset on Lamplight Lane, my return to a favorite subject of my youth. When Merritt and Chandler – my two oldest girls – were tiny children, Nanette, the girls and I spend a blissful time exploring the English Cotswolds. The Lamplight Lane Collection, which followed the imaginary Brook Windermere as it wound through a romantic lamp lit village, was perhaps my most popular celebration of the charms of rural England.

My oldest, Merritt, was five when I painted Lamplight Lane, and soon she’ll be a high school graduate. I thought I would celebrate her life changes by returning one last time to Lamplight Lane, which centers upon the cobblestone bridge that is itself a symbol of transition. I even included a small rowing skiff named “Miss Merritt” to symbolize the journey into life that all of us embark upon.

As I worked on this painting, I constantly searched my archives to make sure that each cottage is both authentic and unique. Sunset on Lamplight Lane refers to both the radiant sunset that bathes the village in myriad reflections, and to the completion of the final work in an epic series of paintings.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden fifteen N’s in Sunset on Lamplight Lane, in honor of his beloved wife Nanette.
  • This is the seventh and final image in the Lamplight Lane Collection, featuring a quaint, imaginary English village lit with inviting lampposts, clustered around gentle brook Windermere.
  • Sunset on Lamplight Lane was painted in honor of Merritt Kinkade, Thom’s eldest daughter, who will graduate from high school in 2006. The first image in the series, Lamplight Lane, was released in 1993 when Merritt was just five years old.
  • Merritt Kinkade’s name may be found on the small rowing skiff featured in the foreground.
  • The setting sun is the final image which symbolizes the close of what has been one of the most popular series of images in Thom’s career.
Title Sunset on Lamplight Lane
Published December 2005
Subject Location Cotswolds, England
Collection Lamplight Lane VII

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