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Sunset at Riverbend Farm

Can’t you just smell the newly mowed hay? I grew up in rural California, in a countryside dotted with small farms, and the pungent, earthly smell of new hay is a treasured memory. The more important legacy of the farm, which was for centuries the very heart and soul of the American experience, is a challenging and immensely rewarding cycle of labor tied to the natural rhythm of the seasons.

The farm has always called on the best cooperative instincts of family and rural community. That lifestyle is the true subject of my Sunset at Riverbend Farm, my first published depiction of a working farm and the initial painting in my Riverbend Farm Collection. This is a lovely pastoral image, enlivened by the milling cows that make their slow way back to the barn at sunset and the flocks of geese and ducks that ford the pristine stream. The honest farmhouse and outbuildings and sturdy stone bridge complete the picture of peace and prosperity.

In Sunset at Riverbend Farm, I discover the sweet smell of hay and something more – a sense of perfect peace and tranquility. The great secret of farm life is that, for all its demands, it returns a gift of precious serenity.

  • In a continuing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in Sunset at Riverbend Farm.
  • Sunset at Riverbend Farm is the first painting in Thom’s new series, the¬†Riverbend Farm Collection.
  • Thom has painted his first¬†portrayal of farm life in Sunset at Riverbend Farm. The large barn house and characteristic farm animal inhabitants make the image come alive in realism.
  • The added details of the stone bridge, country homes, and peaceful stream set against a dramatic backdrop of sunset colors makes Sunset at Riverbend Farm a quaint and serene place to visit.
  • With an image size of 18″ x 27,” Sunset at Riverbend Farm is the perfect image to hang in the living room, family room, or den space.
Title Sunset at Riverbend Farm
Published March 1996
Collection Sunset Farm Collection I

Image Size

18" x 27"

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