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Sunday Stroll

With its grandiose buildings, sailboats floating aimlessly, and strollers meandering the bank, the river Seine always makes me want to linger for a while. Sunday Stroll – a painting from my Robert Girrard years – causes me to reflect on my time by the Seine. When I worked in this style, I was keenly aware of the light and color of the Impressionist style. It was an enjoyable period in my development as an artist and a time I still covet.

For Sunday Stroll, I have turned back the clock to an era when the Impressionists were in full glory. Various elements wit6hin the painting direct us through the scene. The bridge in the distance is one of countless spans that cross the river Seine, many of which date back to the days of the Romans. At the right of the composition we get just a hint of the booksellers who are truly an ubiquitous part of the walking paths that line the Seine. Sailboats suggest the perfect relaxation of such a moment, while figures clad in 19th Century garments remind us that it’s an ideal time to make a memory. The bench invites us to enter the scene and relax – perhaps its times to settle back and feel the sunshine on your shoulders and ponder life’s goodness.

The French Impressionists captured not just light, but a moment frozen in time as well. My hope is that Sunday Stroll captures those timeless moments for all to savor.

  • In Sunday Stroll, Thomas Kinkade has attempted to capture timeless moments for all by including figures dressed in 19th Century garments. He has turned back the clock to an era when the impressionists were in full glory. Did you know that Claude Monet pioneered Impressionism in the late 19th Century and drew most of his inspiration from the Seine?
  • In the distance you will see grandiose, charming buildings that line the riverbank in the morning light. The bridge – also seen in the distance – is one of the countless spans that cross the river Seine, many to which date back to the Roman era.
  • The sailboats in Sunday Stroll suggest a perfect relaxation for such a moment. As Thom worked on this painting, he was keenly aware of the scent of light and color of the Impressionists.
  • For Thom, to walk along the Seine is to feel yourself transported back in time. There is no more alive moment than when walking the Seine on a Sunday morning stroll. The bench featured in Sunday Stroll reminds us to enter the scene and relax. Perhaps its time to settle back and feel the sunshine on your forehead and ponder life’s goodness.
  • Did you know that at 776km, the Seine is France’s second-longest river after the Loire? It flows in a north-westerly direction through Troyes, Melun, Corbeil, Paris, Mantes, Rouen, and finally into the English Channel between Le Havre and Honfluer. During the journey, you can see beautiful Gothic cathedrals, superb scenery, and sites of centuries of war. The river passes a thousand communities from tiny hamlets to Europe’s most popular tourist city.
  • For a period of six years, Thom painted under the¬†brush name of Robert Girrard from 1984 to 1989: “I wanted to reinvent academic styles – implementing my own use of light. Impressionism was an avenue that beckoned that pursuit.”
Title Sunday Stroll
Published September 2009
Subject Location River Seine, Paris
Collection Robert Girrard Collection
Classification Robert Girrard

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12" x 16"

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