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Streams of Living Water

I believe that the heart of worship knows no boundaries. Any prayer offered with sincere belief – however humble the surroundings or circumstances – is joyously received by God. And yet, there are places of worship like this tranquil stone chapel I came upon during a ramble in the Smoky Mountains, which must be especially pleasing in God’s sight. Prayer offered here will flow Heavenward just as surely as God’s manifold blessings cascade to Earth like Streams of Living Water.

In this peaceful kingdom, all of nature gathers in praise of God’s glory. The stone walls of the chapel seem to grow out of the Earth itself, while the pristine waters of the stream cascade from an ineffable distance. Deer, birds, rabbits, even a frog – creatures of Earth, water, and sky – gather in humble and silent witness to the unity and harmony of the creation.

Graceful trees shelter and shade this cloistered spot as a curious squirrel observes the revelry from his perch upon a limb. And over all, like a radiant umbrella, the glorious vault of Heaven unfolds another glistening morning. There are scenes in nature so graciously constructed, so sublime, that they become – in essence – parables in wood and water and stone. The duty of the artist is to witness with a loving heart and to record with a sure hand and a truthful eye. That is what I hope I’ve done in Streams of Living Water – a scene where God allows us to glimpse His loving kindness.

  • Thomas Kinkade has devoted eleven N’s to his wife Nanette in his latest release, the third painting in the Chapels of Nature CollectionStreams of Living Water.
  • Based upon a real chapel made of white clapboards with stones found over ten years ago by Thom, Nanette, and their eldest daughter Merritt while traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Smokey Mountains. It was this chapel that became the country church featured in Streams of Living Water.
  • Thom did not take any pictures or paint the chapel once they stumbled upon it, so the chapel in Streams of Living Water is solely based upon Thom’s memory of that day.
  • This stone chapel, nestled at the base of rolling green foothills and placed along the embankment of a peaceful stream, invites the viewer into a warm and comforting place while the grand plum-colored tree – with its sturdy roots and mighty branches – provide a cool and relaxing spot from the rays of the bright sun.
  • Unique to the painting, Streams of Living Water includes a variety of forest animals such as deer, ducks, rabbits, birds, and even a frog.
Title Streams of Living Water
Published December 2000
Subject Location Blue Ridge Parkway in the Smoky Mountain Range
Collection Chapels of Nature III

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