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Stepping Stone Cottage

The scene I’ve portrayed in Stepping Stone Cottage – second in my Sweetheart Cottage Series – has come to mean a great deal to me. Perhaps the cottage represents the refuge of my love, my family, my art, or my faith, Perhaps all four as they are intertwined in my life. Natural stepping stones lead across the water to the welcoming door. Once in the sanctuary of Stepping Stone Cottage, my love and I may take to the rowboat or explore the nearby woods on foot or horseback. There are so many delightful possibilities!

  • In a continuing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden seven N’s in Stepping Stone Cottage. And in honor of his little daughters, Thom has included thirteen little geese amongst the secluded cottage.
  • Stepping Stone Cottage is the second painting in Thom’s romantic Sweetheart Hideaways Series; where Thom painted with bright colors that will complement the décor of any room in the home.
  • This delightful little cottage is of true Thom fashion – from the thatched rooftop to the glowing lights beaming through the windows.
  • Thom has included charming details in Stepping Stone Cottage, such as a docked rowboat and waiting horses, inviting you to venture into this tranquil scene to find the happiness and peace one encounters with loved ones.
  • Stepping Stone Cottage is nestled in the woods amidst blossoming flowers and trees. As the series Sweetheart Hideaways implies, this cottage represents that safe haven one dreams of escaping to with their sweetheart.
Title Stepping Stone Cottage
Published December 1995
Collection Sweetheart Hideaways II

Image Size

18" x 24"

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