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Stairway to Paradise

In the most important ways, my life has been a progress. I have been blessed to see my love of painting grow and flourish, my relations with family and friends deepen and mature. Underlying those worldly satisfactions, I believe is a spiritual progress. As an artist, I seek out beauty; I revel in the glory of God’s creation. Lately, I’ve come to an understanding. What we call beauty is something more – a glimpse of the divine, a vision of paradise. That profound truth is the inspiration for my new Visions of Paradise painting collection.

There are earthly places, living moments that speak to the deepest part of my imagination. They offer a glimpse of paradise on Earth. In Stairway to Paradise, a classic stone stairway embraced by climbing roses and shaded by lavish flowering plum and dogwood trees, is such an emblem of the eternal. The stairs lead us up to the glowing distant hedges – and perhaps to the subject of the next painting in this collection.

Won’t you join me in stepping through that luminous passage – through this painting and others to follow in this series of works? Together we will explore the garden vistas that perhaps can awaken in each of us memories of Eden.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in Stairway to Paradise as a tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • Stairway to Paradise is one of few paintings to feature a stairway, and is the first piece in the exciting Visions of Paradise Collection.
  • The hazy, mysterious stairway is sure to pique the curiosity of everyone who sees it. Where does the stairway lead? What is waiting just beyond the hedges?
  • The profound truth and the intense beauty of all of God’s creation is the inspiration behind Stairway to Paradise, which beautifully illustrates Thom’s idea of Heaven on Earth.
  • The strength of the classic stone stairway stained with the softness of many delicate flowers in Stairway to Paradise symbolizes the perfect balance that could only be present in a paradise on Earth.
  • Stairway to Paradise was named Lithograph of the Year, Second Runner Up in 1998.
Title Stairway to Paradise
Published November 1998
Collection Visions of Paradise I

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