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Split Rock Light

I am intrigued by lighthouses. Erected in locations of great peril, they often stand in settings of remarkable beauty and drama. Where nature is most powerful, it can also be most dramatic as well.

That is especially true of Split Rock Light erected on the towering cliffs of Lake Superior’s north shore in Minnesota, to light the way for the massive ore carriers that moved a rich treasure of iron ore through from mines in Canada and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As I gaze on this beetling cliff, I begin to understand the legend of the Sirens – whose wild and beautiful songs drew ships to wreck on their perilous rocks.

Surely beauty such as this might call even a plodding ore barge to its ruin. Split Rock Light was built in 1910 and continued to guide ships through stormy waters until 1969 when the Minnesota Park Service took over its management. Now it is perhaps the most visited lighthouse in the United States. Guests who make the long drive are rewarded by a breathtaking view of the rugged limestone light, overlooking a majestic promontory.

I’ve employed artistic license in an effort to capture the drama in Split Rock Light – a romanticized moonlit portrayal of the glorious lighthouse – so you can enjoy this unparalleled view without having to drive the long, rural highway!

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden three N’s in Split Rock Light as an ongoing tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • Split Rock Light is the first in a new eight piece series – Lighthouse Landmarks. This unique collection of historic lighthouses captures beautiful well-known landmarks as well as the powerful emotions they evoke.
  • This historical Minnesota lighthouse was built in 1910, and towers almost 200 feet above the treacherous shores of Lake Superior. It’s 1,000-watt bulb shines bright, warning passing ships of the rocky coast that waits below.
  • In Split Rock Light, Thom depicts both the function and symbolism of the steadfast lighthouse. Just as God’s love never wavers and always shines bright, the light from a lighthouse pierces the darkness and guides us from danger.
Title Split Rock Light
Published October 2001
Subject Location Split Rock Light on Lake Superior, Minnesota
Collection Lighthouse Landmarks I

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