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Serenity Cove

I’ve often heard it said that with age comes the wisdom to welcome those things you cannot change with a serene acceptance. To me, parenthood offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the lesson of inner serenity. Naturally, I’ve loved my four beautiful daughters since they were babies – enjoyed immensely my role as protective dad. But now they are growing toward independence as my oldest girl Merritt has just gone off to college. I’ve learned to accept their inevitable voyage toward maturity, and to greet their accomplishments and even their occasional difficult personal lessons with pride.

Serenity Cove, featuring a lighthouse inspired by Marblehead Light on Lake Erie, celebrates the guidance my faith offers as I face life’s transitions. For me, the four boats sailing toward the horizon symbolize the life journey of my four daughters as they grow into adulthood.

In nature, times of change are often the most brilliantly colored. The transition of sunset paints the fading hues of autumn with a Heavenly radiance – in this, the still waters of Serenity Cove reflect the glory of Earth and sky. The lighthouse is not just a beacon of hope and a symbol of faith; it is also a cozy family cottage. The gazebo and lawn furniture suggest the comfortable life lived within this safe haven.

  • Thomas Kinkade has placed a total of fourteen N’s in Serenity Cove as a gesture of love for his wife Nanette.
  • In Serenity Cove, Thom has painted four sailboats on the horizon as acknowledgement of his love for his four daughters: Merritt, Chandler, Winsor, and Everett.
  • Thom has also included in Serenity Cove four chairs around the table also as tribute to his four lovely daughters.
  • Marblehead Light on Lake Erie was Thom’s inspiration for Serenity Cove.
  • The name of the boat featured in this painting is “Serenity.”
Title Serenity Cove
Published January 2007
Subject Location Marblehead Light on Lake Erie, Ohio

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