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The Sea of Tranquility

“Come now, oh friend, and sail with me

Upon the tranquil, calming sea. I search not for a chest of gold

Not for fine pearls or treasure olde; I search instead for that which we

Will find now in Tranquility…”

How true it is that we often sail to distant shores seeking that which lies hidden in our own heart – our own home. The Sea of Tranquility is not a place, it is all places, for it is buried deep within all people. Inside each heart is a private refuge, a place of serene rest which Christ referred to as “the peace which passes understanding.” I picture this inner sanctuary as a golden ocean of light, both warming and refreshing – a place I like to call The Sea of Tranquility.

God is our light in the darkest of times, just like the lighthouse is for the boats. The Sea of Tranquility is the mellowest painting I’ve made to date – and since the sea is calm and the sun is setting, it is the perfect time to set out on the ocean. Won’t you join me for a sail?

  • In The Sea of Tranquility, Thomas Kinkade has paid loving tribute to his wife Nanette by hiding twelve N’s. Look closely and you can also see a small love note to Nanette floating in the calm waters and the boat named after her.
  • The fifth painting in Thom’s Seaside Memories Collection, The Sea of Tranquility is his first painting to prominently feature a sailboat – which is named for his wife Nanette.
  • In The Sea of Tranquility, Thom has fashioned a stoic and glowing lighthouse as a symbol of hope; while the calm sea gently lapping against the shore represents the tranquility so necessary in our hectic lives.
  • Thom pays tribute to the powerful sea and rocky cliffs that can be see in some of the world’s most beautiful places – from the California coast to the shores of New England to the rocky cliffs of Southwestern England.
  • This grand lighthouse in The Sea of Tranquility, a popular Thom theme, serves as a reassuring shepherd – steering boats away from rocky danger and onward through tranquil waters.
  • There is a cross hidden in The Sea of Tranquility, right in the middle of the pier.
  • The Sea of Tranquility is available in three sizes and with its beautiful sunset, gentle waters and glowing message of hope, it is sure to bring peace and beauty to any room in your home.
Title The Sea of Tranquility
Published June 1998
Collection Seaside Memories V

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