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Savannah Romance

Savannah, Georgia has always been a city for romantics. There is no place quite like the Old South for exquisite natural beauty gracefully intertwined with rich history and charming architecture. And no place exemplifies the Old South quite like Savannah.

For those of you who have paid a visit to this enchanting Southern city, you may have found yourself strolling down the ancient elegant lanes of Forsyth Park, the crown jewel of Savannah. Built during an age of urban idealism over a century ago, Forsyth Park remains one of the most visually abundant locales in all of Savannah. Her shady lanes are scented by multitudes of flowers, and anchoring the tranquil scene is the elegant and majestic Forsyth Fountain, a 150 year old Parisian-inspired architectural gem.

In my painting Savannah Romance, I’ve included an abundance of color – dogwood and mimosa trees vie for attention with resplendent southern magnolias and lush azaleas. Reigning over it all is the fountain, bubbling forth with blessings anew.

Whether you’ve been to Savannah or simply long to visit, and admire a state of being that celebrates life’s blessings, may Savannah Romance truly bring out the dreamer’s heart in all of us. It is my hope that your imagination will take you on a stroll down this shaded pathway to discover your own fountain of many blessings.

  • Thomas Kinkade has placed a total of twenty-five N’s in Savannah Romance, both as a tribute to his wife Nanette as well as in celebration of his twenty-five years as a published artist.
  • The famous Forsyth Fountain, featured here in Savannah Romance, was created in 1858 and received extensive restoration in 1988. It was added to the park in 1858 and is a focal point of the park because of its size, majestic elegance and beauty. It is located in Forsyth Park, which extends from Gaston Street to Park Avenue along the Bull Street corridor in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Forsyth Park has a unique blend of natural beauty, history and attractions. It’s the largest and oldest park in Savannah, spanning 30-acres and is where adults, youth, families and people of all ages gather to see the sights, run, play and relax. The park was created in 1851 and was named after Georgia Governor John Forsyth.
  • Savannah, Georgia is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is a city that embraces modern culture, while staying true to its Southern traditions. With it’s town squares, monuments, soaring oak trees, and natural charm, it is an excellent place to visit.
  • In 1966, Savannah’s Historic District was designated a National Historic Landmark by the US Interior Department.
Title Savannah Romance
Published March 2009
Subject Location Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia

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