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San Francisco, Powell Street

As you may know, my heart resides in the City by the Bay. San Francisco, Powell Street marks the nineteenth release in my San Francisco Collection, yet this wonderful town continues to provide breathless views. Perhaps that’s because San Francisco is such a lived-in city. Wherever you look you find dynamic street life, and the famous cable car.

San Francisco, Powell Street gives me an opportunity to return to the hilltop I first painted in my tremendously popular San Francisco, A View Drown California Street From Nob Hill, but looking in a different direction. I’ve taken artistic license to move the wonderful Bay Bridge slightly south and into view – after all, what would the City by the Bay be without a bridge in the distance. In middle ground we see the Sir Francis Drake Hotel with its famous Starlite Roof adorned by its landmark spinning star atop the stately main tower.

  • San Francisco, Powell Street as a gesture of love for his wife Nanette – and to celebrate his twenty-fifth year as a published artist as of 2009.
  • Thom’s passion for San Francisco is evident to anyone familiar with his art. San Francisco, Powell Street is the nineteenth release depicting the famous City by the Bay.
  • One of his early successes was San Francisco, A View Down California Street From Nob Hill, released in 1992. It shows a pageant of life in San Francisco that has long been sold out at publisher. This painting attempts a view similar to this piece, but from a different location and direction.
  • In the distance of San Francisco, Powell Street, we see the Bay Bridge. Thom was obliged to realign the structure slightly to make it visible in this scene. But after all, that is why he is an artist and not a photographer. Besides, what would San Francisco be without a glimpse of its famous bay and bridges?
  • San Francisco is a city where people inhabit the spaces of the city. This is not just a business center, it is home to many. In San Francisco, Powell Street, we see the myriad activities of a busy city.
  • In this work, village life goes on at the street level. We see vendors and acquaintances as well as the ever present cable car plying its way up the street. In the mid-distance we see Sir Francis Drake Hotel with its famous Starlite Roof. The spinning sign of the star announces to all that this is the place to gather with friends and watch the stars come out.
  • The real star of the show in San Francisco, Powell Street is the misty sky and moisture for which San Francisco is famous. This foggy mist gives the entire scene a crystalline glow as though one is witnessing a finely polished jewel.
Title San Francisco, Powell Street
Published December 2008
Subject Location Powell Street in San Francisco, California
Collection San Francisco Collection XIX

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