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Remember Me

Thomas Kinkade began painting Remember Me Amazing Grace I, during an Easter service in his home church. While his pastor preached about the work of Christ on the cross, Thom stood beside him and quietly brought his words to life on canvas. On Calvary, it was a thief who had “wandered far away” from God who called out to Jesus a simple, but heartfelt prayer “Father, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” And Jesus responded with words of amazing grace: “Today, you will be with me in Paradise.”

The assurance of forgiveness offered in that moment by our Savior, is a reminder to each one of us that wherever we are in our lives; whatever valleys and dark places we find ourselves in, there is always a path that leads to the Cross. That even though each of us live flawed lives, God is able to redeem and use us to accomplish great good. This was what Thomas Kinkade believed. And it is the Thomas Kinkade Company’s ongoing mission to share this message in all of the work released from the Thomas Kinkade Vault or created by the Thomas Kinkade Studios.

It is our hope that this painting fills your home with the message that even though we might wander away from Him, God always welcomes us home with his amazing grace, and stands ready to write new chapters in our lives.

  • Thomas Kinkade started Remember Me during an Easter service at his home church.
  • The three crosses are symbolic of the three crosses at Calvary in reference to the sermon that was preached on the day that Thom painted this.
  • The valleys in the painting are symbolic of the dark places in our lives. No matter where we are, there will always be a path out of the dark that will lead us back to the Cross.
  • The three birds in the painting represent the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  • Seven ichthys (fish symbol) and seven crosses are hidden within the painting.
Title Remember Me, Amazing Grace
Published March 2014
Collection Amazing Grace I
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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