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Rainbow Row, Charleston

“The Old South”

The phrase conjures a vision of stately plantations, elegant cotillions, and aristocratic splendor. In Charleston, South Carolina, much of the romance of the Old South lives on. The Kinkade’s have fallen in love with this charming city, and Rainbow Row, Charleston – along with my many studies of Carmel and San Francisco – are tributes to very special towns.

Like Carmel, Charleston is a city that celebrates art and artists. Indeed, in a picturesque section such as Rainbow Row, the very stones of the city’s ancient buildings exude a natural artistry. The pinks and yellows and grays of the weathered walls meld into a pastel rainbow of rich earth-tones.

On the day I set up my easel, light danced through the dogwood trees – igniting the delicate blossoms of spring with pale fires – as it cast intricate shadows on the ground. I painted outdoors, and then took the canvas to my studio to elaborate the luminous lighting effects. I included a selection of nostalgic 1950’s cars. I hope you’ll come alongĀ onĀ Thomas Kinkade’s artistic tour of Charleston.

  • This stately row of homes dating from the mid-1700’s has been restored to former glory over the last century, and Rainbow Row, Charleston portrays one of the most-beloved architectural areas of this gracious city.
  • The first permanent settlement in South Carolina – one of the original thirteen colonies – Charleston is a city rich in history and southern culture. Despite wars and natural disasters, Charleston boasts one of the finest historical districts in the United States with over 1,400 historically significant buildings.
  • Like Carmel in California, Charleston has become a favorite with the Kinkade family. Rainbow Row, Charleston depicts just a portion of this lovely city and the romance of the Old South.
  • Rainbow Row, Charleston is a Plein Air painting from Thomas Kinkade’s Landmark Series in the Impressionism Collection.
Title Rainbow Row, Charleston
Published June 2004
Subject Location Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina
Collection Landmark Series I
Classification Impressionism Collection

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12" x 18"
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