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Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star

My Disney Dreams Collection celebrates great moments from Walt Disney Films. I call these paintings “narrative panoramas” because each painting tells the entire story of the film in one image.

For my painting Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star we see Pinocchio upon a hillside overlooking the setting of his adventures. We see Honest John, the symbol of temptation, and in the mid-distance we see Geppetto’s workshop where Pinocchio was formed. We see Stromboli’s puppet stage with the maestro himself holding court, and the seaport village in the distance where Pinocchio first learned of Pleasure Island. On the right we see Pleasure Island aglow with the festivities of another day’s merriment and Monstro the whale preparing to engulf Geppetto’s sailing vessel. Butterflies and sparkles lend magical accents as the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket look on.

My prayer is that my Disney Dreams Collection will make dreams come true for all who see these enchanted paintings.

  • Thomas Kinkade has placed a total of twenty-five N’s in Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star as a tribute to his wife Nanette, as well as in celebration for his twenty-five years as a published artist.
  • Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star is the second release in Thom’s Disney Dreams Collection, and Thom has incorporated many hidden Mickeys in the painting. Can you find them all?
  • Take a look at the far right side of Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star and you will see Pleasure Island as well as the whale Monstro making an appearance.
  • Thom has recreated a fanciful scene in this painting, based on original sketches that the movie backgrounds were based on; however the natural bridge featured in this work is not in the movie, but Thom placed it in the painting as a symbol of the passage of time.
  • Thom has incorporated importance characters from the movie into Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star, with Honest John and Gideon coming up the walkway, the Blue Fairy which to Thom is a symbol of hope, and Jiminy Cricket.
  • Thom has placed the letter “W” in Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star as tribute to his daughter Winsor Kinkade.
  • Thom worked on Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star for over 300 hours, making this image without a doubt one of Thom’s most detailed works. Make note of all the detail in this painting, including the cobblestone road.
Title Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star
Published February 2009
Collection Disney Dreams Collection II

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