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Pine Cove Cottage

My love of the sea and my love of humble, rustic dwellings has found a romantic union in my latest painting in my Cottage by the Sea Collection, Pine Cove Cottage. I especially enjoy coastal areas where the rugged rock of the shoreline is densely grown with lush pine forest. Here life is doubly dramatic – for the surging crash of waves is answered in turn by the song of the wind in the sturdy evergreens.  To clear a secluded piece of ground in the forest and build a cozy stone cottage suitable for a lifetime of seaside moments – that is a dream I’m sure is hidden deep in each of us.

Pine trees and the forest, a long and winding country lane companioned with a wooden fence, a remote stone cottage, and the crashing waves of the sea are many of my themes all in one painting. The rustic seaside road beside the cottage suggests a journey that all of us, in all times and places, must complete. Wanderers on the perilous path by stormy seas might well enjoy a comfortable respite and a splendid sunset view at this sanctuary; but come morning, the road that wanders into the distance will urge them on. Yet, somewhere in the back of each wanderer’s mind lies a secret longing to return to the quaint little cottage-by-the-sea: Pine Cove Cottage.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden four N’s within the rocky shoreline, tall pines, and sturdy stone home of Pine Cove Cottage, in loving tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Pine Cove Cottage is the long anticipated second painting in Thom’s Cottage by the Sea Collection, and is sure to delight collectors. The first image in this series, Cottage by the Sea, is already sold out at publisher.
  • Combining dramatic crashing waves and a deep pine forest with Thom’s beloved signature cottage style, Pine Cove Cottage will appeal to many – especially to those with an adventurous spirit and love for the ocean and the great outdoors.
  • Like many of the places Thom creates, Pine Cove Cottage is very inviting…a place you’d like to be. The rustic seaside road urges you to journey down its winding path to enjoy a splendid sunset view and explore the sanctuary of the woods before returning to the warm hearth of Pine Cove Cottage.
  • With an 18″ x 27″ image size, Pine Cove Cottage is an ideal size to display anywhere in the house.
Title Pine Cove Cottage
Published July 1996
Subject Location Big Sur Coastline, California
Collection Cottage by the Sea II

Image Size

18" x 27"

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