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Of course I’ve long known that, for many collectors, there is an inspirational quality to my art. I have been told how much the paintings have meant in times of distress, and I feel blessed to be able to offer my good friends that spiritual comfort. But I must confess that I’ve never set out to create a painting that explicitly illustrates a foundational live value – until now.

Perseverance, the first in my Life Values Collection, is truly something new for me. Call it a homily in paint and canvas. When I began to write about the lessons I’ve learned in living, I came to understand the connection between my beliefs and art. Perseverance is inspired by a real moment of doubt and determination. Sailing in a friend’s schooner far out beyond Monterey Bay, we found ourselves swallowed in a fog bank unable to see the shore. I wondered whether, if a storm broke out, we would have the courage and faith to make our way to shore.

The storm does strike in Perseverance; thunder crashes, sails billow, waves toss the fragile boat. We see that the clouds are about to break. The sea will calm; the sailor’s perseverance will soon be rewarded by a return to God’s safe haven. Like the dove that flew to Noah as a sign of God’s provision, seagulls circle above the boat in my painting as a reminder that safety lay just over the horizon. Perhaps this painting can assure each of us that if we can simply persevere, God’s hand of love will soon disperse each storm we face.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden eight N’s in Perseverance as a continuing tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • Perseverance is the first painting in Thom’s inspiring new collection based on important life values.
  • This is a very rare and important painting in Thom’s collection of oil paintings. Perseverance is his first piece to focus mainly on a humble boat that has survived a roaring storm – one that has reached clearing clouds and calming seas.
  • Notice that Thom has named his boat “Faith” in dedication to the brave man aboard the boat.
  • Through his painting Perseverance, Thom set out to illustrate a foundational life value and to touch those who have persevered through some of life’s darkest storms.
  • Thom’s painting Perseverance named him Artist of the Year in 1999.
Title Perseverance
Published August 2000
Collection Life Values Collection I

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