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Pathway to Paradise

When humankind was young, we lived in a garden paradise…I believe that to be literally true, and also experientially true for the fortunate among us. When we were children, we lived in a protected sanctuary under the loving care of our parents. The world was new to our experience and was filled with wonder and mystery. The light had a special radiance – the flowers were treasures of color and scent – a butterfly was a small miracle. And then we grew up.

But I think that a happy few – and I particularly include artists in that number – retain a memory of that childhood idyll. We are still able to catch glimpses of Heaven in the world around us. Pathway to Paradise follows my Stairway to Paradise painting in the Visions of Paradise Collection, and continues on a spiritual and artistic journey toward a vision of the sublime. As we stride up the crumbling stone steps, we find ourselves wandering a pathway that winds through simple wonders of nature – lavish, rainbow-hued blossoms – that affirm the promise of God’s love.

I like to think of myself as a fellow discoverer on the Pathway to Paradise – one of the fortunate few who have been granted a vision of peaceful perfection. I invite you to travel this glorious road with me.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden seven N’s in Pathway to Paradise as an ongoing tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • Pathway to Paradise is the second release in Thom’s uplifting spiritual collection entitled Visions of Paradise.
  • In Stairway to Paradise, the curiosity of the viewer is sparked bythe beautiful stairway that leads up to unknown wonders. Perhaps Pathway to Paradise is the extension of that very same garden, compelling us once again to dream of what may lie ahead.
Title Pathway to Paradise
Published July 2002
Collection Visions of Paradise II

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