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Paris, Eiffel Tower

Paris, Eiffel Tower celebrates two famed Parisian landmarks – the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower – and the two sides of my belovedĀ City of Lights‘ “personality” as well.

Yes Paris has a dual personality. One aspect is the brilliantly lit, fast paced, energetic pageant of life that unfolds on the Seine’s bridges and boulevards, and dances on the river’s surface as a colorful armada of quaint boats. But the City of Lights is also an imposing, timeless symbol of civilization and human aspiration that’s best exemplified by the Eiffel Tower. The 984 ft. tower was constructed for the 1889 Paris Exhibition by Gustave Eiffel. Yet the facts and figures can’t convey it awesome presence; or the way that it anchors the intricate Parisian tapestry of light and color.

As with all my works, I attempted to go beyond the topographical details of the setting and into its heart and mood to achieve my artistic goals. Bridges and buildings were moved and adjusted, colors and lights were enhanced, and of course, whimsical details were added. Note, for example, the small floating boat below and slightly to the right of the Eiffel Tower. If you look carefully you will see the impressionistic artist Claude Monet, aboard his famous “Floating Studio” painting the passing scene. Like me, Monet enjoyed capturing the delights of Paris on canvas!

  • In an ongoing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden a few N’s along the bridge in Paris, Eiffel Tower. The bridge’s N’s are really for Napoleon – but in Thom’s world – the N’s are for Nanette.
  • Claude Monet is painting on his boat in the center of the river, while Thom himself is sitting on the edge of the river also painting the marvelous scene spread out before them in Paris, Eiffel Tower. You will also see the nuclear submarine coming up the middle of the river – some say to sink Claude Monet’s boat.
  • There are two different scenes of Paris in Paris, Eiffel Tower. First, it illustrates our busy modern-day lifestyles with the cars on the bridge and Thom painting on the right. But it also illustrates a timeless past with Claude Monet in his infamous 1800’s floating studio boat, the people’s attire, and the most recognized Paris monument – the Eiffel Tower.
Title Paris, Eiffel Tower
Published May 1994
Subject Location Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Collection City of Lights II

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18" x 27"

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