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Old Watchmaker

As a mature artist, I seldom paint portraits, preferring to consider human personality through its cultural expressionsĀ – home, family, village scenes, and cityscapes.

But character studies like Old Watchmaker confirm that this was not always the case. Early in my career, I was fascinated by intimate descriptions of the human spirit – much in the manner of my artistic heroes Titan and Rembrandt.

My Old Watchmaker painted in oil when I was in my early twenties and just learning my craft, is a warm portrayal of a human-type that was dear to my painter’s heart, but remote from my world – the master European craftsman. The watchmaker’s patient skill is inscribed in his careworn, wrinkled face, in the intense concentration of his gaze, in his wonderful, supple-strong hands. This is the man whose diligence and steadfast character has allowed him to endure the many obstacles he has faced in life.

In this tribute to the watchmaker, I think that I anticipate the depth of my developing commitment to my own craft. Like the Old Watchmaker, I somehow knew that God lives in the details and that as scripture affirms, it is good to work well with one’s hands.

  • Thomas Kinkade painted Old Watchmaker in his early twenties and is a rare example of his portraiture style.
  • Even in this portrait painting, Thom infuses an overhead source of light for the Old Watchmaker.
  • The Old Watchmaker was painted in oils; the richness of textures from the fabrics, to the hands, and beard draw the observer in for a deeper view.
Title Old Watchmaker
Painted Thom's Early Twenties
Published May 2013

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