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New York, Fifth Avenue

Now, more than ever, New York is America’s city – a symbol of our indomitable spirit, our energy, our roots in a proud past, our confidence in the future. Is there any place in this fair land that better symbolizes the glamour and drama of American life than New York, Fifth Avenue?

New York is the most theatrical of American cities. As I assembled my sketches and impressions of historic New York City in my studio, it occurred to me that an artist is in the same position as a theatrical director. Like a director, I can assemble stage settings that combine reality and imagination to evoke the mood, the feelings, the special character I hope to convey. That’s just what I’ve done in New York, Fifth Avenue.

Here is the Plaza Hotel and the great historic buildings of Fifth Avenue; here is the lavish foliage of Central Park. Looming over all is the magnificent guard of the Empire State Building, which stand as a prideful symbol of the commercial might of this great city. I’ve intentionally made this a timeless image of New York, as two-wheeled hansom cabs and classic American automobiles patrol the busy streets. The essence of the great city, as the essence of the country it so nobly represents, remains the same throughout decades past and into the future.

  • Thomas Kinkade adds signature personal touches to New York, Fifth Avenue, including lifelike portraits of his wife, four daughters, and himself. Winsor, Everett and Nanette, for instance, surround a flower vendor.
  • Thom also has disguised forty-two N’s in the painting, one for each year since 1959 – the year of Nanette’s birth and inspiration for the era depicted in this painting.
  • For a final family touch, Thom has painted the names of his wife and all of his children into the scene, several of them on license plates.
  • New York, Fifth Avenue is Thom’s second Monumental size of 40″ x 60″ canvas work. It is the largest painting of a city scene that he has produced. With 450 hours of labor put into its creation, this image is one of the most time consuming as well.
  • Flags wave in New York, Fifth Avenue because Thom views New York City as a patriotic symbol of America’s strength. The Empire State Building – once again the tallest building in New York City – towers in the background as, in Kinkade’s own words, “a paternal grandfather.”
Title New York, Fifth Avenue
Published February 2003
Subject Location Fifth Avenue, New York

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