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Nanette’s Cottage

Peacefulness and tranquility are such precious commodities. As I look upon the undisturbed waters surrounding Nanette’s Cottage, I am reminded of simpler times in my own life. Some sixteen years ago I had the chance to lead a quieter existence – some might even say that it was during this period that I first learned the serenity that has become the essence of my art. It was during an extended stay in southern England that I first discovered that life moved at a kinder and gentler pace for those who would seek it. Our evening walks as a young family often led us to the cottages that lined the meandering stream at the center of our village. It was on one such walk that I discovered a cottage that in my mind would always be linked to my life partner, Nanette. “I would love to live in a cottage like that someday” Nanette had remarked at the time. Now, as we prepare for our twenty-seventh anniversary and the advent of my wife’s birthday, I at long last give to Nanette the gift of that cottage as in years past I have given painted cottages to my children.

Surrounding Nanette’s Cottage are the distinguishing elements of the good life: an enduring faith as symbolized by the spire in the distance, physical recreation as symbolized by the row boat with its proud sailor aboard (Nanette’s childhood teddy bear); and the glowing lights from within the cottages symbolizing the pleasures of hearth and home. Here is a place for all to rest from life’s toils. Perhaps, like me, you long for such places as the seasons of life get busier and more filled with stress. Here then is a resting place for all who long for simpler times.

  • Thomas Kinkade has placed a total of twenty-five N’s in Nanette’s Cottage in special commemoration and tribute to his wife Nanette, for her partnership in his twenty-five years as a published artist.
  • Nanette’s Cottage is the first painting in a new cottage series titled, Enchanted Cottages.
  • The inspiration for this painting came about from a cottage just like this in which Thom and Nanette lived, in England when they were first married.
  • Nanette’s Cottage released just in time for Thom and Nanette’s twenty-seventh wedding anniversary in May of 2009. Their wedding date is May 2, 1982.
  • In the distance, dusk starts to settle on the village as Nanette’s Cottage comes to life. Make sure to take note of the village church in the  center of the painting.
Title Nanette's Cottage
Published April 2009
Subject Location England
Collection Enchanted Cottage I

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