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Mountain Majesty

“The Heavens declare the glory of God” ~ Psalm 19:1

When I lift up my eyes, I find the truth of the Psalm confirmed by the radiance of sunrise, by a shimmering memory of a rainbow… especially by a towering snow-capped peak, like the one that stands as a silent sentinel in Mountain Majesty.

I understand the impulse of worshippers to locate the Deity in the mountains – on Olympus or Mount Sinai. Nothing else declares the glory of God with such abundant grandeur. I think of the snowy mantel atop this peak as a crown; it suggests to me the presence of a benevolent monarch who will preside over what promise to be a perfect day.

Mountain Majesty, the third and concluding painting in my Beginning of a Perfect Day Collection, expresses the harmony of man in nature that can make life supremely satisfying. The modest cabin is embraced by its woodland setting. The canoes provide a lovely freedom to explore…even to the distant waterfall. A curious caribou seems to envy the human intuders’ wealth of choices they enjoy by the grace of a loving God.

  • Thomas KinkadeĀ has hidden twelve N’s in Mountain Majesty as a tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • As the rain subsides and the sun begins to break through the clouds, a radiant rainbow streaks across the sky and reflects in the calm water, creating a warm, peaceful setting sure to please any admirer.
  • The numbers painted on the canoes commemorate Thom and Nanette’s wedding day: 05/02/82.
  • The swollen waterfalls pouring into the river are proof of the recent rains, and the wandering caribou know that this is the time to emerge from the trees and delight in the refreshing, cold waters.
  • With the majestic mountain standing guard, even a storm that could leave such fierce clouds in its wake could not dim the warm, glowing windows of this modest cabin.
Title Mountain Majesty
Published November 1998
Collection Beginning of a Perfect Day III

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