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Morning Pledge

My brother loved this country. Thomas Kinkade believed in the founding fathers and their view of their fledgling republic. He absolutely knew that the United States was a beacon of hope for the world, promising fundamental justice and dignity for all those living here and help for those not allowed their basic human rights no matter where they might be. Simply put, Thom was an American and was devoted to the ideals of this country. It is also true that to Thom, nothing more stirred his patriot’s heart then the thirty-one simple words of our country’s Pledge of Allegiance. He first learned this oath as a child in our tiny country schoolhouse staring up at the bright stars and broad stripes of a flag gently wafting in a cool fall breeze. And Thom truly took those words as his own, never forgetting them or their profound meaning of commitment. Indeed, the pledge so impassioned his artistic motive that eventually it inspired him to put pencil to paper.

Join the Thomas Kinkade Company as we translate Thom’s vision of the American Pledge of Allegiance and, indeed, of his United States on a six-part journey into to the heart and soul of the American people. Morning Pledge captures that first moment of commitment for Thom and for all young people as they come to realize their privilege in being an American citizen. In the near future each clause of that sacred vow will be expressed and given as a gift to all like-minded patriots. We are excited to provide you with Thom’s profession of faith in democracy and, as always, we thank you for sharing the light.

~ Patrick Kinkade

  • Morning Pledge is the first in the United We Stand series. There will be a total of six images released in this collection, each inspired by a stanza of the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • This small town is modeled after Thomas Kinkade’s hometown of Placerville, California and feature a young Thom and his brother Pat walking down the sidewalk on their way to school.
  • The gentleman walking down the sidewalk on the right side of the street is Norman Rockwell, a mentor and huge inspiration to Thom.
  • The name on the mailbox, Purdy, is a nod to Thom’s favorite teacher Mr. Purdy.
  • The numbers on the two cars are for Thom’s and Pat’s birth years – 1958 and 1959 respectively.
Title Morning Pledge
Published June 2015
Subject Location Placerville, California
Collection United We Stand I
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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