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Lilac Cottage

An artist works with all his senses. It might not seem that painting has anything to do with the sense of smell, but in the case of Lilac Cottage, it does. The fourth issue in the Flower Cottages of Carmel Collection is inspired by a real cottage I discovered amidst an overgrown garden in Carmel, but more than that, it is my attempt to evoke the heady perfume of lilacs.

Imagine, if you will, how intoxicating it would be to live in a bower lavish with flowering lilacs…to breathe that scented air, to be serenaded by the hum of bees drawn to the spot, to be surrounded all summer by the intoxicating colors of nature.

Aromas are associated in my mind with memory; there are scents that recall favorite scenes and people. Lilacs remind me of my love as Nanette has always favored their delicate fragrance; she walks in my imagination enveloped in a mist of sweet perfume.

When I painted Lilac Cottage, I searched for what I can only call the look of lilac, and found my answer in the shimmering morning mist that seems unique to California. A shroud of radiant light swathes this garden, wrapping it in a blanket of tranquility.

As I surrender myself to the peaceful pleasures of the scene, I am reminded of perfumed envelopes and scented lace handkerchiefs that recall the elegance of a bygone era. That too, is a gift of the lilacs.

  • Thomas Kinkade created Lilac Cottage in loving dedication to his wife Nanette, to commemorate their twentieth wedding anniversary, and has hidden eight N’s throughout the garden. He also pays tribute to his daughter Winsor by including a “W” on the front of the old weathered mailbox.
  • Lilac Cottage is the fourth image in Thom’s Flower Cottages of Carmel Collection. Each painting in this floral series celebrates a different kind of flower: the morning glory, hollyhock, foxglove, and now the lilac.
  • Each new cottage that Thom creates is more than just a home, it is a place where family memories are built and imagination runs wild. Every cottage is given a personality, and in Lilac Cottage with its old slate roof, weathervane, and dutch door that is slightly open, this charm is evident.
  • Lilac Cottage is an actual place that Thom stumbled upon while visiting Carmel, California. This coastal town is one of his favorite places to visit and has provided the inspiration for many of his masterpieces.
  • Inspired by the beautiful lilacs in Lilac Cottage, Thom brought paint to canvas once again to create the special complementary painting Lilac Bouquet.
Title Lilac Cottage
Published April 2002
Subject Location Carmel, California
Collection Flower Cottages of Carmel IV

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18" x 24"
25½" x 34"

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