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Light of Hope

The lighthouse is a powerful symbol that has been consistently used in the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. In practical definition, these structures are beacons built to safely steer ships and their crew clear of danger during raging storms or in the darkness of night.

As the spiritual metaphor so often used by Thom, a lighthouse can be thought of as a guidepost in life – one operating in the face of personal trials and tribulations. And, whether perceived as coming from a friend advising us on our journey or from the Lord giving guidance to our lives, the message of the lighthouse is always the same. “I am here” it proclaims, “and you are not alone.” We can all take comfort in that simple realization; knowing that even in our darkest hour or most savage life-storm, a light will always be there, shining forth, to show a way to safe harbor.

In Light of Hope this classic Kinkade theme is reverently brought to life by the Thomas Kinkade Studios and in the greatest tradition of the artist himself. The evening sky is ablaze as the day’s last light shines through the ocean’s waves and shimmers across the flowered cape that hosts this silent sentinel. From all of us here at the Thomas Kinkade Company, we hope you enjoy Light of Hope!

  • The Light of Hope is the first painting released in the Lighting the Way Collection by the Thomas Kinkade Studios.
  • The Thomas Kinkade Studios used several of the symbols that Thomas Kinkade himself used in his art throughout his career: the birds both in the air and on the shore represent peace and freedom, two sailboats to symbolize adventure, and light posts as a reminder for us to share the light with friends and loved ones.
  • The use and play with light is seen in both the sky’s magnificent colors and as it shines through the crashing waves.
  • This stoic structure is a classic design and has provided centuries of navigational guidance – a true Light of Hope.
Title Light of Hope
Published April 2013
Subject Location Montauk Point Light in New York
Collection Lighting the Way I
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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