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The Light of Freedom

In times of great crises, when our core beliefs are challenged by a vile and faceless foe, and our hearts are burdened by tragedy too great to bear, it is incumbent on each of us to proclaim our pride and our faith in the most emphatic terms.

That is what I’ve attempted to do in The Light of Freedom. Like all Americans, I watched the horrors of September 11 in shocked disbelief, feeling that very foundations of my world were shattered with those monumental towers. Then I turned once again to my faith in God, my love of my fellow man, and my pride in America and what we stand for. I was determined to create my own image of inspiration to answer the destruction all around.

I secluded myself in my studio for days following the attack, working around the clock with a fervor I have never before felt, and emerged, exhausted, with The Light of Freedom. In my painting the three most definitive symbols of our national freedom – the proud golden eagle, the glorious banner of stars and stripes, and the majestic Statue of Liberty are linked together before a proudly lit New York City skyline. The billowy clouds in the heavens remind us that despite our challenges, God surely has shed His grace on this land.

Now is the time when each of us must summon our courage and strength so that The Light of Freedom will forever illuminate this glorious country. God bless America.

  • Thomas Kinkade’s The Light of Freedom, was inspired by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Searching for a way to contribute, Thom retreated to his studio and emerged three days later with The Light of Freedom.
  • The golden eagle in Thom’s patriotic The Light of Freedom sits quietly atop the flag pole as if to be guarding our great country.
  • In The Light of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty stands proudly in the distance reminding each of us to summon our courage and to proclaim our pride in this land.
  • A special paper charity print of The Light of Freedom was created to aid desperately needed disaster relief in New York, Philadephia, and Washington D.C. These proceeds, totaling more than $1.5 million, were donated to The Salvation Army.
Title The Light of Freedom
Published February 2002
Subject Location New York City, New York

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