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Lamplight Village

I have really ‘gone to town’ with charming accents I love to hide throughout my paintings. In Lamplight Village, I wanted to create a scene with a great sense of discovery to it – as though you could stroll over that stone bridge and wander around the village finding things of interest everywhere you looked.

As you ‘wander around’ this charming setting, keep you eyes open for the following small or hidden details: an artist with an easel, two hearts with initials and two hearts with no initials, a mouse (a la David Winter), one perfect rose, nine lamp posts, a man with a pipe (perhaps Normal Rockwell), and Thom’s daughters Chandler and Merritt – with a “C” or “M” on her clothing – and an “N” on Thom’s wife’s Nanette’s clothing.

  • In loving tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden nine N’s in Lamplight Village, and has included Nanette in the image wearing “N’s” on her clothing.
  • Lamplight Village is the fourth painting in Thom’s Lamplight Lane Collection, which follows Thom’s imaginary Brooke Windermer in all five paintings.
  • In honor of Thom’s two eldest daughters Merritt and Chandler, he included them each in Lamplight Village – each wearing her respectable “M” or “C” on her clothing.
  • Lamplight Village is based on a real place in England, where the locals refer to it as a place where vehicles have to be driven through the river in order to get to the village.
  • There are over sixty hidden things in Lamplight Village – the certificate of authenticity has the full list of all the things that are hidden.
  • Lamplight Village was named Lithograph of the Year, First Runner-up in 1995.
Title Lamplight Village
Published March 1995
Subject Location England
Collection Lamplight Lane IV

Image Size

18" x 24"

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