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Lamplight Bridge

As we float down the Brooke Windermer, a quaint stone footbridge glimmers in the distant lamplight, and we appreciate anew the special quality of this romantic light. The electric light of our century is cold and hard; it produces clean, crisp shadows. In contrast, Victorian lamplight was warm and soft; in its flickering flame blurred shadows danced like leaves in the wind.

Lamplight Bridge, the fifth stop along our imaginary Brooke Windermer that flows through the English Cotswolds, is enlivened by the vibrant glitter of gas lamps. The ancient stone span, crowned by lampposts, invites evening walkers. The bridge links neighbors who dwell on either side of the stream and enhances the cozy hospitality of English country living.

You’ll notice, as well, a rustic gate with overgrown trellis that leads from the near cottage down to the banks of our gentle stream. Such a romantic path is an irresistible invitation to all those who are young at heart. Perhaps, you and I and all who delight in the charms of Lamplight Bridge can join the village children in sailing our wooden boats on the brook.

  • In a continuing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in Lamplight Bridge.
  • Lamplight Bridge is the fifth stop along the imaginary Brooke Windermer, made famous by Thom’s beloved Lamplight Lane series.
  • A vintage Kinkade, Lamplight Bridge invites you into another time and place…one of quiet brooks, old stone bridges, cozy cottages and beautifully blooming English gardens. A mini-vacation to hang on the wall, bringing beauty, serenity, and hope into people’s homes.
  • As the title implies, Lamplight Bridge contains numerous gas lamps, an element from the Victorian era when communities were lit in the soft, warm light of ‘lamplight.’
  • The colorful flowers and glowing night lights set against the soft blues and violet tones of the sky and flowing brook, make Lamplight Bridge an ideal painting for the brightly lit kitchen, comfortable family room and inviting entrance way.
  • Lamplight Bridge was named Lithograph of the Year in 1996.
Title Lamplight Bridge
Published June 1996
Subject Location Bourton-on-the-Water in Cotswold, England
Collection Lamplight Lane V

Image Size

16" x 20"

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