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The “Book of Jonah” is a biblical volume that is full of narrative wonder and to my mind’s eye, one which creates the potential for dramatic and moving visual interpretations. It is a text that relays themes that are essential to the Christian faith and to The Bible. It gives evidence of the power of an almighty God who can summon a fierce storm at will and raise a miraculous “great fish” from the ocean depths. Yet, it is also a tale of God’s mercy and ability to deliver those in peril from the harms and threats that may befall them.

I took inspiration for my Jonah from many sources. From the master painters of the Renaissance to the illustrators of modern day children’s books, there have been many important and delightful artistic renderings of this text and I enjoyed studying them all. In my painting, the leviathan that God summoned attacks a ship while His storm rages around it. Jonah is cast overboard to meet his fate while those aboard honor God and pray for his mercy. While many have interpreted the story as making reference to a whale, I adopted a more literal approach and created the “great fish” that The Bible verses specifically reference. I hope you all enjoy this second addition to my Biblical Stories Series, and I want to thank you all for sharing my adventure in art.

~Zac Kinkade

  • Jonah is the second painting in Zachary Thomas Kinkade’s Bible Stories Series.
  • On top of the mast is a red flag with the star of Bethlehem, a prelude to a future release in the Bible Stories Series.
  • The light of the sky resembles the light of God and the hope He gives His children.
  • In this painting, the creature that swallows Jonah is illustrated as a “great fish” as opposed to the popular depiction of the creature as a whale.
Title Jonah
Published August 2017
Collection Bible Stories II
Classification Zachary Thomas Kinkade

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