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The Hour of Prayer

“To hold…eternity in an hour” ~ William Blake

The thousand and one distractions of daily life nag at us incessantly, scarcely allowing so much as a quiet moment for tranquil reflection and the prayerful communion with God that only unfolds in such peaceful interludes.

Nothing is so elusive as time. To capture even an hour is a precious gift. As the poet reminds us, an hour spent in mediation provides a glimpse of eternity. We look to The Garden of Prayer for such sweet repose, and in The Hour of Prayer, third in this devout series, I believe we find it.

A brilliant sun pours down into the sylvan glade that shelters the sundial; the passage of its shadow across the dial marks the breathless hour of prayer. A lively brook murmurs nature’s prayer into the silence as it nurtures a graceful willow tree, whose overhanging branches suggest the comforting embrace of God.

The Hour of Prayer anticipates the dawning of a Peaceful Kingdom, which I believe is near at hand, when time will be no more and prayer will be a direct communion with the divine. Until then, we must content ourselves with such glimpses of immortality as can be found in The Garden of Prayer, which exists in the hearts of the faithful.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in The Hour of Prayer in loving dedication to his wife Nanette.
  • The Hour of Prayer is the third painting in Thom’s popular series, The Garden of Prayer Collection. Each painting is a special tribute to the quiet, meditative moments of prayer.
  • A shadow is cast across the stone sundial, marking the breathless hour of prayer. In this peaceful place, one can momentarily escape life’s many distractions and enjoy a tranquil reflection surrounded by God’s beauty.
  • The flourishing garden found in The Hour of Prayer is full of color and life. From the symbolic calla lilies to the burdened branches of the willow tree, this garden is a timeless haven where one can engage in prayerful communion with God.
Title The Hour of Prayer
Published January 2002
Collection The Garden of Prayer III

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