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Hometown Pride

As America approaches the anniversary of our greatest challenge, I feel especially blessed to be a citizen of this fair land. We have overcome every adversity and obstacle that has attempted to erode the freedom and security we cherish. In Hometown Pride I’m trying to evoke the very essence of the American dream – the peace and precious freedoms that continue to be our birthright. In his celebrated Four Freedoms paintings, Norman Rockwell recognizes Freedom From Fear as one of the cardinal protections Americans enjoy. That is the spirit – the message if you will – of this proud painting.

In these two snug neighborhood homes, bathed in the golden light of late afternoon, shaded by massive trees and accentuated by a trellised garden. I hope to convey the simplicity and serenity of life in everyday neighborhoods across America. Despite the differences that distinguish community from community, region from region, state from state, there’s really so much we have in common. For this reason I have created a separate edition for many of America’s hometown communities, around 350 in all, and send it with love to each.

My prayer is that as you gaze down the sun-drenched lanes and past the neighborhood picket fences you will envision a summer afternoon in your own hometown. Perhaps you will sit, if only in imagination, upon the expansive porch at the right of the composition and listen to the sound of children at play and rickets beginning their twilight chorus.

Old Glory flies over the scene, reflecting the glorious light of sunset in its red, white, and blue. That beautiful sentinel, a standard that has proudly waved for centuries, promises and indeed provides, that most revered hallmark of the American way of life: united we stand.

  • Thomas Kinkade continues to fill his paintings with “love notes” and Hometown Pride is no exception. He has hidden a total of sixteen N’s in the painting as an ongoing tribute to his wife of twenty years, Nanette.
  • Hometown Pride is the first release in Thom’s newest series, American Memories. In this special series, Thom pays tribute to American and all its essence.
  • Hometown Pride is inspired by Thom’s hero Norman Rockwell. In particular, it is the Freedom From Fear painting found in Rockwell’s Four Freedom Collection in 1943, that gave way to Thom’s essential meaning behind Hometown Pride. Both paintings share the same heartbeat: freedom, the freedom to feel secure, safe, and at peace, even during challenging times.
  • Hometown Pride reveals America’s heart, which is the essence and pride of its small towns, its communities, and its homes. These three elements help build America, the nation we know as of today. The painting rekindles the belief that the American Dream is still well-alive and it celebrates hard-working people, neighborhoods, and the American tradition.
  • Hometown Pride is a universal image that can represent Placerville, California of Thom’s hometown during his youth, or it can very well be an image of many other small towns across America.
  • The American Flag, as the main focal point of Hometown Pride, coupled with a quiet street front, set the stage for a moment of silence, of gratitude, of celebration. The American Flag as the symbol of freedom and solidarity, captures the patriotic spirit and pride that overwhelms the nation during a time of healing. The flag, proudly displayed in front of the home, is accompanied by a golden eagle sitting atop. The golden eagle represents the American strength that will help this nation reflect, heal, and continue on.
  • Hometown Pride reminds us of summertime as the richness of life is brought into the neighborhood through the vibrant summer colors of the full-bloomed flowers. The well-manicured front yards are cordially inviting, especially that of the trellised bush of antique roses.
  • The large porch found on Hometown Pride represents the hybrid between indoor and outdoor happenings. It is a place of family gatherings, neighborhood comradeships, and community enjoyment. The golden light illuminating through the trees and resting on the rooftops evokes and invites a sense of peace and tranquility as the evening approaches. It may suggest that a glimpse of happiness and hope can and will prevail, even through the dimmest times. Just picture a family gathering on the porch as everyone enjoys the splendor of the still air and the last bit of the golden glow.
  • A glimpse of the bird between the tree’s branches provides as sense of hope and freedom as it soars amidst the sky. The bird is an eagle and symbolizes the freedom of the spirit of God.
Title Hometown Pride
Published August 2002
Collection American Memories I

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