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Hometown Memories I

If you’re like me, the word “hometown” conjures up a whole storehouse of memories. In my new collection Hometown Memories, I would like to attempt to tap into that storehouse and recreate some of those memories on canvas.

As we stroll down the tree shrouded lane, you’ll notice the landmarks familiar to every hometown – neighborhood houses, people of the village, sidewalks, even a pet or two. These are the places where families thrive, children grow up and memories are made. In the distance, you will see the village church – the spiritual foundation of every hometown. One can image, the service is about to commence on this rainy spring evening. The man with a pipe at the lower left of the painting is a tribute to one of my favorite artists – can you guess who it is?

I painted Hometown Memories I, Walking to Church on a Rainy Sunday Evening in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s, and did research on the cars of that time period so that I could accurately paint them in this composition. There will be other stops on our tour of my ideal hometown, and I hope you will join me as I attempt – in these paintings – to record my Hometown Memories.

  • Hometown Memories I has seven N’s hidden within, as an ongoing tribute to Thomas Kinkade’s wife Nanette. He even added birdhouses for her in this painting.
  • Hometown Memories I is the first in Thom’s exciting and heartfelt series called Hometown Memories, where he attempts to conjure up fond memories we all have of our own hometown.
  • Also in tribute to someone who meant a great deal to Thom – an artist he looked up to and admired – is hidden in Hometown Memories I. Can you find Norman Rockwell?
  • Thom himself is on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and he hid Chandler’s name on the mailbox.
  • The Dalmatian dog is a remembrance of the dog that used to chase Thom and his brother Patrick Kinkade, when they were on their paper route in Placerville, California.
Title Hometown Memories I, Walking to Church on a Rainy Sunday Evening
Published March 1995
Collection Hometown Memories I

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24" x 30"

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