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Hometown Lake

Hometown. It can live in the mind as a series of lovely vignettes – a street lush with puddles, a Friday evening stroll into the town square, a wedding at the wayside chapel – all bathed in the sunset glow of sweet memory. The untamed and open space of the foothills where I spent my childhood allowed me to spend my days any number of ways. I could explore the nearby hills, fish in local streams, or just sit and let my imagination run wild. That’s what my Hometown Memories Collection has been, inspired by my boyhood in Placerville, California.

With Hometown Lake, I move beyond memory to the realm of my deepest imaginings. I’m intrigued by the vision of a lakeside village, where calm waters soothe my tranquil days as I wile away the┬átime swimming, fishing, daydreaming. I believe that people in every┬ápart of our nation and all parts of our culture share this vision, this longing for a peaceful lakeside place.

I expect that Hometown Lake will strike a chord of sympathy with people who like me, didn’t literally grow up in a lakeside village, but who respond to the allure of its simple cabins, intriguing pathways, its cluster of inviting houses, its picturesque country church. Dusk descends on Hometown Lake, touching the scene with tranquility and radiant color. It could be any season, any year. Hometown myths and memories live in a secret place in the heart that is beyond the reach of time.

  • In his continued loving tribute to his wife Nanette and in honor of their youngest daughter’s birthdate, Thomas Kinkade has hidden eighteen N’s in Hometown Lake.
  • The name “Everett” and the number eighteen, which appear on the mailbox in Hometown Lake, are in tribute to the Kinkade’s fourth daughter Everett Christian Kinkade – born June 18, 1997.
  • Hometown Lake is the fourth release in Thom’s Hometown Memories Collection. This collection is a tribute to his own hometown memories and began in 1995 with Hometown Memories, which is already sold out from the publisher.
  • The sturdy old trees that line the path along Hometown Lake give this small village a feeling of history. Boaters slowly paddle along the lake while ducks gently glide along beside.
  • Hometown Lake has a 24″ x 30″ canvas size, which is both easy to display and large enough to capture the tranquil setting.
  • The worn path connecting every home brings neighbors together to share Hometown Lake.
Title Hometown Lake
Published August 1997
Subject Location Placerville, California
Collection Hometown Memories IV

Image Size

24" x 30"

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