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Hometown Bridge

My Hometown Memories Collection fondly revisits my idyllic childhood and I have often found that the heart and emotions of the boy seem to blend with the mind and sensitivities of the adult artist. That is especially true of Hometown Bridge, fifth in the series.

In my earliest memories, bridges were often the focal point of adventure and thrilling play. I remember still the giddy delight of what seemed a climb to great heights, the reckless plunge into chill mountain waters, the joy of fishing, cavorting under the shadow of many bridges. As a maturing artist, I recognize deeper meaning within bridges, those ravine spanning passages we make in life; graduations, first love, marriage, the birth of a child.

Hometown Bridge was based upon a New England type-town that depicts simpler times, with a horse-drawn buggy crossing over a stone bridge with old wood railings. This painting is a combination of a chapel seen on a trip back to the east coast and beautiful dogwood trees.

  • In an ongoing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden four N’s in Hometown Bridge.
  • The sturdy brick structure featured in Hometown Bridge was inspired by a photo from Thom’s collection of 19th century materials and evokes the solidity of his connection with the past.
  • The farmer’s cart making its way across the bridge suggests a slow rhythm of hoof beats and the ease of pace so cherished in earlier, less hurried times.
  • The warm tones and slow moving river in Hometown Bridge evoke a feeling of serenity, so prevalent in the relaxing olden days of horse and buggy.
  • Available in three sizes, Hometown Bridge is the perfect painting to add a feeling of peacefulness to any room in your home.
Title Hometown Bridge
Published July 1998
Subject Location Placerville, California
Collection Hometown Memories V

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18" x 27"
24" x 36"
28" x 42"

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