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Great North

I commonly frequent more southern climes, where God’s paintbrush includes the brilliant primaries of the flowers and the radiant mauves and purples of sunset. There are, however, other locales where every trace of the serene is erased, and men cling desperately to inhospitable shores.

Great North visits such a mountain vastness, where wild, brooding peaks loom above the shores of an untamed spreading river. It is sunset, but, somehow, sunset has magnified its grandeur in these northern skies, as gray wisps of clouds soar like eagles over the curtain of pale gold.

Men embrace a tenuous existence along the shores of the mountain waters. Their homes are mostly rough hewed shacks, cut from the abundant forests and erected to provide secure shelter against the cold night wind and the driving sleet. Amidst the structures of the camp we see a single native wigwam — a reminder that this epic landscape has long been host to both diverse wildlife and diverse human cultures. In Great North, we are reminded that all human achievement pales when compared to the magnificence of God’s creation.

  • Great North is part of the Archive Collection II, an exquisite compilation of some of Thomas Kinkade’s early works of art, depicting his passion for a simpler, more spiritual, more beautiful life.
  • In these earlier artworks, Thomas Kinkade was already probing the effects of light on landscape, pigment, color, and luminosity; to learn what it means to be the Painter of Light.™ Great North is available in canvas at an exclusive edition of 995, and in only one size.
  • The subject matter of Great North harkens back to earlier days of exploration; the building of territories. Days where one’s existence depended upon the land, the grace of God, and the pursuit of a dream.
  • Great North is a lovely complement to last year’s Archive Collection II release of The Edge of the Wilderness.
Title Great North
Painted 1987
Published September 2006
Collection Archive Collection II

Image Size

25½" x 34"

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